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Google 1st Position Ranking guarantees?
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Can you guarantee the first spot on Google?

This is a pretty common question that we are asked. The short answer to this is no. There is not a single SEO professional or promotional company that is capable of guaranteeing you the #1 spot on the search results for Google. If any of them offer you such results you can be certain that they are just trying to scam you.

The truth of the matter is, that the search engine algorithms are so complex and sophisticated these days that getting to the top relies on so many more factors in this day and age than some people would like to realize. Having good search engine optimization relies upon having both optimal on-page and off-page optimization and there are far too many variables involved with off-page optimization to be able to make any real guarantees.

It has even been confirmed by Google themselves that there is absolutely no way possible for anyone to guarantee the #1 ranking on their search engine. Check out this short video of one of the top Google employees, Matt Cutts, whom refuses a bribe of $500,000 (in jest) to guarantee a top position on Google. Matt Cutt, whom helped write the patent for Google's ever complex search algorithm, explains himself that no one is capable of guaranteeing a top rank on the search engine, not even himself.

Now while we may be unable to guarantee you the top spot on Google, or any other search engine, we can absolutely assure you that we always aim for that spot. We have tried and true methodologies that produce results, but these results are also based upon other factors that are out of control. Given enough time and resources however, and we can get you up there if you give us the opportunity.