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Manual Article Submission Services

The process of procuring relevant article and getting them published in the article directories is called article submission. The informational articles provide people with genuine and relevant information pertaining to the industry.  The informational articles are not for the purpose of self-promotion.  Article submission services are of two kinds; one is manual article submission and the other is automatic article submission with the help of software.

The Purpose Of Article Submission

The major reasons for getting article submission service are as follows:

The article submission services are availed just to achieve the best possible ranking on the search engines.

Why leadgeneration.in?

There are many website development companies that offer article submission services, but hardly any of these offer top quality article submission service. The networking and the marketing personnel at www. leadgeneration.in have put in meticulous efforts and infinite hours for studying and analysis of the varied aspects of websites. This is to optimize the results got by the article submission process. At www. leadgeneration.in there is manual article submission. We take care that the articles get to the target viewers. This is to ensure that the acceptance rate is high and successful.
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Selecting The Right Package

At www.leadgeneration.in the article submission service includes a wide array of packages. These packages depend on the number of submissions and the durations. One should select the package depending upon the budget and the results expected.

The Modus Operandi

Get The List Of Packages Along With All The Details Associated With It

Manual Article Submission
PR Wise Phase1 Phase2 Phase3 Phase4
PR 0 - 2 100 150 200 250
PR 3 25 35 45 60
PR 4 & Above 10 15 20 30
Duration 5 5 4 4
Price 150$ 200$ 250$ 375$