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In today's web, video has become more and more important. Videos are used throughout the web for promotions and advertising of your product and services. Not only do they increase your site exposure, but they can provide you with an avalanche of traffic by going viral at a moment’s notice. By utilizing our manual video submission services you will be capable of submitting your videos to dozens of different video distribution and syndication websites in a time efficient manner.

While you certainly have the ability to do this yourself, manual video submission is an extremely tedious process that takes a lot of time to perform properly. We have hands on experience with video search engine optimization and can leverage our experience by providing you with the best quality service available on the internet.

All video submissions are done manually by our highly trained staff.

All video submissions are submitted to the most well trafficked and recognized video distribution and syndication sites such as YouTube, Meta cafe, Google video, daily motion, and many more.

We offer around the cloak customer service in order ensure that we meet your expectations.

Our pricing is some of the most highly competitive in the industry and we stand by that.

All video sites that we submit to have high PR and are visited by millions of visitors each and every month.

A detailed report of all our manual video submissions will be provided to you by email the moment it has been completed.


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Podcasting Services

Podcasting, one of the not so well known but very effective strategies for search engine optimization, is now gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Podcast service is one day destined to become one of the integral parts of the website in the future. The technology used to transfer the audio material from the website to the person is called podcasting. The word “podcasting” originated from two words; “I-pod” and “casting”. The word “casting” is taken from broadcasting.  With the help of video podcasting services a number of digital media files can be displayed forth the website visitor, can be downloaded and played through the computer or any media player. This is done with the help of Real Simple Syndication feeds.

Benefits of Podcasting Services

Unlike broadcasting that cannot be repeated, podcasting can be repeated whenever the website visitor wants to see it. Video Podcasting service  gives a lively effect to the website because the impact of audio visual presentation is always greater than just print presentation. This increases the popularity of the brand, traffic and the back links too. The Google is going to take into consideration the inclusion of podcast service in the website and this is going to help search engine optimization. The applications of podcasting include a wide variety of fields including music, marketing, training, news, and story narration especially for children who have visual defect.

Making Podcast Service Cheap

With podcasting available on your website, the revenue generation through the website is going to increase manifold, so much so that the podcasting services you bought seem to be very cheap.  Podcasting services hikes the traffic, brand popularity, back links and consequently search engine optimization. The demand of podcasting services is going to increase in the future, so this is the best time to buy it.