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Here is a list of some of the top SEO tips that you can employ on your sites right now in order to help you optimize your sites further for the search engines.

Utilize the bold tag. The tags, when used at most once or twice on a page, around a few of the keywords that you are trying to rank for should help the search engines understand what terms you think are important.

Deep link your web pages. It isn't enough to get links pointing to your main website. Search engines love to see all of the pages of your sites having links being pointed to them. To the engines, this means you have a lot of different quality content that is link worthy and as such will increase the value of your site overall in their eyes.

Utilize foreign directories. The UK and Canadian directories that list websites can help drive even more traffic to your website from these countries.

Article directory submissions. Submitting your articles to these types of directories allows your articles to be syndicated which also mean your links become syndicated. This spreads the link love out across the internet in a natural way that the search engines absolutely love.

Text links first. In your navigation if the search engine spiders come across your site they will only pay attention to the first set of navigation links that they come across. If you have images in your navigation, make sure to also have text links above them, even if they are not visible on the site, so that you can ensure that they spiders see them. This ensures that the proper anchors are seen and taken into consideration when the spider is running through your website.

Variation of anchor text. When focusing on building links, the knee jerk reaction is to use the same anchor text for every link you put up so that you can potentially rank for that keyword. The problem is, the search engine spiders see this as potential spam and as a result may not give them as much weight as they normally would. Be sure to vary up your anchor text to avoid this from happening.

Create a site map. A site map allows a search engine spider to see the natural structure of your site and visit every single page that you would like listed. It does not like having to go through four different pages to find a new page. This is why site maps are some of the best things that you can have on your site for a search engine.

These tips should help get you started on your road to the top of the search engine positions. Some of the most important SEO is On-Site SEO and as such, you need to make sure that you do everything you can to optimize for it. Doing this will put you ahead of 90% of your competition without even starting with your link building efforts.